I know how hard it can be to overcome emotional setbacks, permanently shift your mindset, clarify your identity, and successfully enjoy a fulfilling life of purpose and peace. Let me help you simplify the process.

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I know how hard it can be to overcome emotional setbacks, permanently shift your mindset, clarify your identity, and step into a fulfilling life of purpose, peace and abundance. Let me help you simplify the process.

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However you may see yourself, sometimes you’ll need help…

The best of us experience fears, uncertainties, setbacks, trauma and pain…. and it needs to be acknowledged and overcome. At least one of the following resonates with you right now, and you are ready to move beyond it so you can craft your genius and excel.

You want to overcome emotional trauma so you can stop feeling joyless, and REBUILD your life with optimism and enthusiasm.

You want to be authentically you and DISCOVER your life’s purpose, so you can invest your efforts in who you really are, and the mission you’re here to fulfill.

You want to develop a success mindset that banishes self sabotage, so you will not keep starting and stopping your own progress, but will achieve your goals and dreams.

You want to embrace your full potential and quit playing small, so you not only CHANGE your story and REDEFINE your future, but lead the way for your family, your community, your world.


Hello and welcome. I am Tee Archer an empowerment coach that transform lives.
I help others who are ready for more… (growth, peace, happiness, freedom), to simplify the process of transformation. Feeling and Being Amazing is Easiest when the know-how is simplified.

I understand my clients’ journey. I have lived through almost the entire gamut of debilitating emotional trauma. I know very well what it is to feel stuck, stupid, overwhelmed, hurt and unfulfilled. Life gave me every reason to crawl into a corner, give up and stay there. I CHOSE instead to Excel and to keep excelling.

Regardless of your experiences, you can choose to find fulfillment and have an amazing life. It Is A CHOICE… Yes. Life is tough, BUT we are tougher.


Step into a fulfilling life of wholeness, peace and purpose.

  1. Overcome emotional trauma. Set the foundation for greatness. Emotional cobwebs will trip you up and keep you small.
  2. Embrace your authentic self. Undo that conditioning. Clarify your life’s purpose.
  3. Be who you are. To know is to be empowered to do. Show up fully confident. Begin achieving your goals.
  4. Redefine your future and pay it forward. Transform the lives of others. Impact your world.

Let’s be clear, change will cost you. It requires you to show up for yourself and take massive actions. It takes resilience. However, if you are prepared to do the work, a coach who have done this before, will help you simplify the process and ensure you do not quit on yourself.

My clients win in life and business. If we choose to work together, you will experience profound transformation.

Make Time To Learn How I Can Help

Coach Tee has been coaching me since 2007. She has made such a difference in my life it would not be possible to tell it all in a testimonial. She is 100% present whenever I am talking. She is so tuned in that she knows what I am feeling, and she shares her own experience which makes me more willing to share. I can always rely on her to be very straightforward and very helpful. You won’t find a better coach or consultant; she puts her heart in everything she does.

Lacey Smith, Business owner

What I find amazing is Tee’s vision and commitment. She saw so many possibilities in every idea I shared with her. Within minutes of a conversation she had me seeing angles for my business that I had completely overlooked. The six-month spent coaching with Tee she was fully committed to my success and my business has grown more in a year than it did in five years. She’s the only coach I would work with again.

Marcus McNeish, CEO

Coach Tee Archer has been an inspiration and a sounding board for me for over 10 years. I find her to be a no nonsense person who tells you the way it is, but does so with compassion. She is very caring, and a very good listener who gives sound advice. I always come off a call with her feeling encouraged and motivated. I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs a coach.

Tanya Wilson, Teacher