Tee Archer is an author, coach, consultant, and inspirational person that transform lives. Her clients win in life and business. As an empowerment coach, she helps others to experience emotional healing and simplify the process of transformation from pain to a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Experience begets Wisdom

Tee has been in positions of leadership since childhood, always being singled out for additional responsibility.  At age 21 she became an entrepreneur trading across borders whilst maintaining a full-time job. Today, she is still an entrepreneur with multiple failures and multiple successes from which to draw wisdom.  She has lived in three different countries. She has served as a member of four different boards, community club leader and mentor. She also served for seven years as an armed police officer. In her business, she has worked with clients from five continents. She has had the opportunity to experience people from multiple angles, in multiple settings, through multiple lenses, and her conclusion is that who we think we are, is what makes the ultimate difference to how we contribute and who we become.

Tee speaks with wisdom that has been described as divinely inspired. Within a few minutes, she will have you seeing any problems from a different perspective. Her approach is relaxed, direct and effective.

Tee’s own experience of emotional trauma gives her a deep insight into what her audience and clients are experiencing, and she leads them with skillful mastery from pain to power.

Her soul-stirring keynote is: Let Me Tell You Who You Are.
This theme is carried throughout everything she does. She is exceptionally gifted at seeing the potential and possibilities in people and businesses – even when they can’t see it for themselves. She believes we overcomplicate most things because we fail to factor our power into the equation. She is known for helping clients see their lives differently, so rapid, massive change can be experienced.

Tee’s problem-solving skills can be attributed to the fact she listens intently, removes the fluff, and speaks to the heart of the issue. Her innate abilities, background and experiences make her comfortable relating to everyone with the same ease and respect. She is at home with speaking truth to public figures and top-level leadership. Consequently, she is often the only person in her client’s life that address the real problems… and they thank her for it.

Tee is the devoted mom of one, best friends with her laptop, and a lover of nature who talks to flowers and pets and laughs about how crazy it all sounds. In fact, she’s that person that’s comfortable laughing at herself and seeing the humor in everyday life.

The first thing you’ll notice about Tee is her aura of calm and kindness. Her unassuming personality makes people feel right at home in her presence. However, she is witty and very observant, and her uncanny wisdom will keep you thinking after the conversation is over. Although she’s engaging, Tee prefers a very private life and loves a peaceful environment that allows her space to be creative. Her most profound ideas and quotes usually come in those quiet moments.

Tee is a woman of faith. She credits her ability to have stayed positive in very dark days of pain and adversities to three things: the love God has for her, her belief in what the bible declared about us being overcomers, and her determination to fulfill the greater life purpose she felt drawn to.

She has been instrumental in contributing to the mental, spiritual, personal, and financial transformation of many people over two decades, and she can do the same for you.

It is my belief that those who are called to do great things, oftentimes have the most difficult journeys. However, it is in this journey that the giant within us takes form, and so consequently, we overcome what was meant to destroy. Like gold in the furnace, we are refined and increased in value, by that which seemingly should have caused us to melt away.

We Are Overcomers

I have lived through almost the entire gamut of debilitating emotional trauma. There is very little hurt that’s not already come my way. I know very well what it is to feel stuck, stupid, overwhelmed, hurt and unfulfilled… but with divine help and my own dogged determination to win, I OVERCAME.

Despite the trauma and setbacks we experience, we can FORGIVE, RESET, REFOCUS, and still CREATE the fulfilling life we deserve.

Upwards and Upwards

Today, I have an abundance of inner peace. I am several successes away from the worst of those debilitating experiences. I am a respected source of wisdom and vision among peers. I consult with community leaders, professors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Ambitious Others, Family and Friends. I coordinate programs for organizational and personal success.

I live with the excitement and energy that comes from living an on-purpose life. Helping someone be amazing, fills my soul with joy. Are YOU ready to show the world just how amazing you are? I have the know-how to help.

Life’s Mission

My life’s purpose and mission is to help others find where they fit and create lives they truly love. This is your invitation to permanently move beyond emotional and mental blocks, embrace your authenticity and purpose, and experience fulfillment. I have been helping others for over 25 years, and I can do the same for you.

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Coach Tee has been coaching me since 2007. She has made such a difference in my life it would not be possible to tell it all in a testimonial. She is 100% present whenever I am talking. She is so tuned in that she knows what I am feeling, and she shares her own experience which makes me more willing to share. I can always rely on her to be very straightforward and very helpful. You won’t find a better coach or consultant; she puts her heart in everything she does.
Lacy Smith

Business Owner