rewrite your storyshift your mindsetclarify your giftsdiscover your purposelive your purposecreate successbe amazinglive fulfilled


Shift your mindset, live your life’s purpose, find fulfillment and create success from a place of peace.

You are here because you are searching…

You are searching for freedom. You are searching for fulfillment. You may even be searching for yourself… and at least one of the following resonates with you right now:

  • You want to BREAK THE CYCLE of unresolved hurts.

  • You want to CHANGE YOUR STORY.

  • You have a deep desire to CLARIFY YOUR GOD-GIVEN PURPOSE so that you can LIVE FULFILLED even if this means making changes from hereon.

  • You want to CREATE SUCCESS in alignment with who you are.

  • You want CONTROL of the key to your freedom.

  • You want to HAVE IMPACT and be able to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to the people and causes you care about.

However, your present reality is not your dream life, and you feel stuck.

  • There’s a pull towards something bigger and better, but your path from here to there is not clear.

  • You sometimes wonder; is it just a pipe dream, a fantasy? Can it ever come to pass? Am I good enough?

  • Secretly, you fear you are your biggest roadblock. You haven’t executed your plans successfully, and the same things have been on your to-do list for a long time.

  • You are tired of self-sabotaging or procrastinating and feeling unfulfilled.

  • You want to wake up with enthusiasm and live on purpose.


Hello and welcome. I am Tee Archer an empowerment coach that transform lives.
I help women and men who are privately struggling with the effects of past abuse, rejection, betrayal and public mistakes to:

  • shift their mindset
  • replace hurt with peace
  • take back their power
  • overcome limitations
  • discover their life’s purpose
  • successfully package and launch that purpose to the world, so they can live successful, fulfilling lives.

Mixed in with my many blessings, I have experienced great emotional and mental trauma.

I have lived through slander, domestic abuse, divorce, single parenting, financial hardship, multiple failures, rejection, betrayal, regrets, and disappointments. I know very well what it is to feel stuck, stupid, overwhelmed, hurt and unfulfilled.

Maybe you have experienced much worse or far less, but what is true is that you know pain… so my reason for sharing is to remind you that despite the trauma, overwhelm, fear, uncertainties and setbacks we experience, we can forgive, reset, refocus and still create the fulfilling life we deserve.

Today, I am multiple successes on from the worst of my experiences, and what’s amazing, is that from it all, I discovered who I am and discovered why I am here. Purpose is often hidden in pain.

I found out (via some of the exact steps I take clients through), that my life’s calling is to equip, empower and inspire you to turn your tragedies into triumphs, and enjoy a fulfilling life of purpose, peace and financial freedom. I have been instrumental in bringing mental, spiritual, personal, and financial transformation to the lives of many people for over 25 years, and I can do the same for you.

When I meet someone interested in coaching, I ask them to paint a picture of their greatest self. (My unique process often gives a clear insight into their purpose and gifts). Then, I help them to see that picture, bigger and clearer than they have ever done before… Then, I help them see a pathway to really and truly creating that picture in their life.

I see the greatness you already know you possess but may be knowingly or unknowingly scared to embrace. I also see the greatness you may be identifying as something else. I do not buy into the stories we like to tell ourselves. Consequently, I am often the only person in a client’s life who tells them like it is… and they get results they never thought possible…

In my coaching sessions, I work with you to move past self-doubt, fear, insecurity and those voices in your head that hold you back. You are empowered to acknowledge, understand and move past limitations.

As my client, you will see a clear PATH to your personal and financial goals, and be supported to permanently transform your life.

Know this: Nothing of value comes without time and effort, and coaching with me will require both. However, you will enjoy the process and the progress.

Is This Coaching Program Right For Me?

  1. First, you must believe there is a God. You believe that you were created by God and therefore have a unique God-given purpose.
  2. You accept that all the events of your life, (good and bad, great and small) brought you to this moment, and can positively impact the abilities, attitudes, skills, and character needed for your personal and financial success and expansion.
  3. You are open to the process of forgiveness where hurt or anger exist.
  4. You are willing to expand your thinking and dream bigger than ever before.
  5. Finally, you have a genuine desire to LIVE your purpose, MAXIMIZE your opportunities and IMPACT your world.

If you can say “yes” to these five assumptions, and you are ready and able to invest in the process, the Triple Empowerment coaching program is for you!


rewrite.  discover.  control.

My signature Triple Empowerment Program permanently transform lives from the inside out.
Take advantage of this opportunity from wherever you are located.

Experience one, two or all three phases of empowerment. With each phase, you take back more of your power.
Get one-on-one virtual telephone coaching sessions, plus in-between session support. Complete phase one and two for permanent personal transformation.


Be who you were created to be before life experiences and social conditioning took you off course. At birth you were powerful, confident, wise, creative. You still are. Reactivate your power, rewrite your story and redefine your future.

  • Overcome limiting conditioning.

  • Let go of victimhood and take back your power.

  • Stop unnecessary suffering
  • Release guilt and sabotage and develop self-acceptance and confidence
  • Learn the process of true forgiveness and forgive yourself and others
  • Look at the events of your life with a new, empowered perspective
  • Re-write your life story and redefine your future
  • Feel confident and powerful, stepping forward into a compelling future free of past pain and limitations

You are one-of-a-kind and uniquely designed to fulfill your purpose. Knowing this purpose gives you clarity, focus and freedom to be authentic, and releases the creative power and limitless possibilities within you.

  • Discover your God-given strengths, gifts, and passion
  • Make sense of the events of your past, smoothing a path through them or putting them to good use
  • Explore the process of deep self-awareness and acceptance
  • Begin making ‘aligned’ choices and decisions and positively impact every aspect of your your personal and work life
  • Discover with clarity and certainty who you are and why you are here
  • Bring together all of the above elements into a clear statement of purpose and write your personal manifesto as a powerful declaration of intent
  • LIVE a life you truly love!

Package your purpose, gifts and passion and create a successful venture that allows you to experience the daily fulfillment of serving where, how, who you were created to serve, and experience happiness well beyond your financial success.

  • Find clarity about the business and lifestyle YOU truly want to create and what you need in order to get there

  • Turn your fantastic entrepreneurship idea into a concrete plan of action so you can stop spinning your wheels and KNOW what action to take next

  • Get unstuck by identifying current or possible roadblocks, whether they’re skills, resources, or mindsets, and strategize solutions for overcoming them

  • Quit wasting time and laser focus on INCOME PRODUCING RESULTS

  • Understand and Master the six key areas of your business that guarantee success


This is for you if you’re ready to invest in coaching. Our 30mins conversation allows you to experience the support I can offer, and helps decide the next step.

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Here’s what I already know about you:

  • You will never be truly satisfied until you find your life’s purpose.

  • You will never be truly fulfilled living a lesser version of the you, you know you can be.

  • When you shift your mindset, go after your life’s purpose, and use your God-given gifts, you will find fulfilment and earn more than you ever have.